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A Drop Of Rain, A Story 🌧️

Pitter-patter, hands in pockets, feet in boots. The smell of spring is upon us; let's skip into the rain, mouth open catching every drop, and splash under the storm!

It was during a weekend in Portland, Maine, that Rebecca had the idea to protect little ones from the misty weather. We are known to protect children from the arctic weather, so why not from spring showers? The inspiration: her childhood yellow raincoat. A few sketches later, the Rainwear Collection was born in her Brooklyn studio. It’s crafted to fit like a second skin, featuring a waterproof and trendy look, which perfectly dresses our little ones' personalities.

It is not only on feathers that raindrops glide down without wetting! Boots, hooded raincoats, overalls, and bucket hats— these new pieces are slipped on before “singing in the rain” and jumping into puddles — never fret making your way into a rainy day adventure. The clean cuts, soft tones, and cheerful prints from our Rainwear Collection will make frogs pale with envy and snails salivate with adoration.

Our successful bet: welded seams, fabric made from 100% recycled materials, and a fluoride-free bionic finish for responsible fashion. A rejuvenated classic. That's all it takes to stay dry and venture into the sea breeze, under a Brittany sky, or in an urban storm. Sailors wrap themselves in rainproof magic; our little explorers deserve no less — let them go play in the mud, by the sea, lakes, and rivers! 

Where puddles become playgrounds and raindrops dance on tiny jackets. 


the simple chic

Rainy Stars

a girly pop

Rainy Trees

Sleek & Modern

Rainy Houses

Bucket Hat

ages 12 months to 5 years

Rainy Stars White//

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